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In hunting area Tikveš (Podunavlje Podravlje) are 3 traditional hunting lodges:


Zlatna Greda
9 double rooms with bathroom, dining room, living room, TV
Ćošak Šume
2 double rooms and one single room with bathroom, living room, TV
4 double rooms with bathroom, dining room, living room, TV

Hunters offers accommodation in superior facilities Zlatna Greda and Monjoroš, which offer the possibility of organizing meetings, conventions and seminars with a rich gastronomic offer, from which we especially recommend game meals.

The choice of of the accommodation depends on the location of the final program and choosing the hunting area for each group as well as the wishes of hunters. Our practice is that the hotel or hunting lodge to be as close as possible hunting grounds in which to hunt.

See some of the accommodation facilities, a proposal the best choices leave to us.

Hunting area Tikveš

Covering 27 000 ha, Tikveš hunting area is a part of a Nature park area „Kopački rit“.  This eco-system lying on shores of Danube river is unique and could be compared with Danube delta in Romania.

Organized hunting management goes back more than three century’s in 1699. when mention “Belje” has been given to Prince Eugene of Savoy , a keen hunter himself, as a prize for his war achievements. After his death in 1736., the Habsburg family ruled the area until 1918. In modern times, Tito, the ex-Yugoslavian president enjoyed hunting in Tikveš himself as well as with foreign statesman and diplomatic guests among who were many trophy hunters! In late 1960.’s

Tikveš become world known destination for commercial trophy hunters.


Hunting in Tikveš

Physically not very demanding, walk and stalk combined with high seat is a most common way of hunting. Terrain is flat, covered with reeds, small forest patches and large number of swamp lakes, and open fields around; ideal for spot and stalk.

There is a large number of game in the area, so chances for taking a trophy will be plentiful! September is known to be the best time for big Red stag trophy hunting, while stags are roaring all around the hunting area. In October starts attractive and low budget management hunting for Hinds, calf’s and stags of a culling category.

There is a chance for single hunter to bag close to 10 animals in a day! November through the end of January is the best time for Driven wild boar hunts…, parades in Tikves are impressive, often 40 -60 hogs taken per group of 10 -14 hunters in a day.

"Croatia joined EU on July the 1st! We wish you a pleasant holiday and a successful hunt! "

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