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Accomodation at Papuk

We use 3* hotel in a vicinity of 20 min drive from hunting area. There are 15 double rooms with en suite bath rooms available. Breakfast and dinner hunter’s takes in a hotel, lunch will be arranged in hunting area. All the meals are local, tasteful and plentiful. 

The choice of of the accommodation depends on the location of the final program and choosing the hunting area for each group as well as the wishes of hunters. Our practice is that the hotel or hunting lodge to be as close as possible hunting grounds in which to hunt.

See some of the accommodation facilities, a proposal the best choices leave to us.

Hunting area Papuk

22 000 ha hunting area is a western part of Papuk mountain. Free range and part of the Nature Park Papuk, this is fantastic biotope is ideal for wild boars especially which we find in high numbers.

Terrain is hilly with altitudes up to 900 m above sea level.

With its dense forests and bushes and being unpopulated at all, Papuk is perfect area for driven wild boar hunts!

Hunting on Papuk

Primary chosen for driven wild boar hunts, Papuk area is physically quite demanding and hunter should be ready to walk over some steep hills to reach his standing position for a drive. Thus we will take care and try to select areas with not so heavy terrain for hunt, it is better to be prepared for little extra sweat on your forehead!

3 to 4 drives per day is a standard setup. Many beaters and even more hunting dogs make this driven hunt in a mountain a fantastic experience. Game is plentiful but in good “condition” so hunters should be prepared for fast moving target shooting!

21 wild boars taken per a hunting day was an average in 2012. season.

"Croatia joined EU on July the 1st! We wish you a pleasant holiday and a successful hunt! "

LOVAG l.t.d.