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Hunting area Spačva - Slavonia

35 000 ha of free range hunting area in one of the world’s largest oak forest complexes, known as Spačva area. The name Spačva comes from a small river flowing through almost the whole area. This is typically lowland terrain hunting area with nicely maintained forest roads and openings for hunting.

Hunting in Spačva

Individual Red stag hunting during rut time in September is not physically very demanding and is mainly walk and stalk combined with high seat hunting. For not so demanding hunter trophy wise, this hunting area can offer real hunting thrill. October – mid January is the best period for management hunt, when you can shoot non trophy Red deer, hinds, calf and wild boar. Plenty of hunting for small money!

Winter time is best time for driven wild boar hunts.

Spačva is perfect choice for groups of 12 – 20 hunters , where between 4-5 drives will be arranged in a day. Bags of 15 – 30 heads of wild boars per day including big Boars are common here.

Last year “ highest score” per single hunting day was 48 wild boars lying on a parade, bagged by a group of 11 hunters!

Accomodation in Spačva

Hunting lodge Spačva is a cosy, traditional lodge from beginning of a 20th century. There are 3 double bed rooms with en suite bathrooms, and 5 double bed rooms with 3 shared bathrooms. Total of 16 persons can be accommodated in Spačva lodge. Venison and traditional local food is served in three meal courses every day.

Full catered lunch in the hunting area will be arranged during winter driven hunts.

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