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Fraser River Outfitters

Fraser River Outfitters Ltd. Is a family run business owned and operated by John & Kathy Sievers. We offer fair chase, big game guided hunts for coastal grizzly, black bear, mountain goat, black tail deer, mule deer, California big horn sheep , moose, cougar, bobcat and lynx. Since 1982 we have been committed to providing clients with the finest guided hunting and fishing experience that money can buy.
Honesty and integrity is the foundation that we have built our business on and our guides are some of the most experienced, hardest working and determined hunters in the industry. Our objective is to provide a personalized and professional hunting service in some of the most scenic and game rich regions of British Columbia.

Sound wildlife practices, minimal resident hunting pressure and our knowledge of the areas in which we operate consistently allow our clients to take home trophy animals and have "The Hunt of a Lifetime"!



Hunting in the wilderness!

Snow clad peaks, deep forests and torrential rivers. Here the hunt is a real challenge and the trophy something who have to work hard for! Another part of the magic is the primitive life in camp, purely on the terms of mother nature. 

The hunter, wilderness, a horse and a rifle. Dreams of North America’s vast open spaces, encounters with moose, bear and the majestic wapiti run deep in most rifle hunters. But why dream, when you can wake and make it really happen?

Even the hunt can - depending on the district and your quarry - be carried out in different ways. The most usual method is stalking using a rustic hunting cabin or flycamps as your base.

If you are moving around the district mainly on foot, you often start out on horseback, but some outfitters can offer hunting from a boat while others use 4X4 ATV - or snow-scooters is road conditions allow it. Occasionally hunters will fly deep into the wilderness on a float plane and hunt from a primitive tented camp in the bush, living off provisions you have brought along and perhaps supplemented with freshly caught game. No matter what form the hunt takes, you will enjoy an adventure that brings you really close to nature when you are on a hunting trip to Canada.

"Croatia joined EU on July the 1st! We wish you a pleasant holiday and a successful hunt! "

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