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Mozambique is a fantastic country. It is truly "Old Africa", as experience by Hemmingway, Kapstick and Roosevelt. Mozambique is tough hunting and is not for most first timers to Africa. You can taking fantastic trophies out of Mozambique this remote and beautiful part of Africa.


This hunting destination east of South Africa and Zimbabwe was formerly known in colonial times as Portuguese East Africa, and now is a country developing fast. The hunting industry is growing quickly  and the more and more possibilities are opening up in this trackless country. Professional outfitters are convinced that Mozambique will be one of the major hunting destinations of the future.

Mozambique is situated in the South East of Africa. It is the spirit of African Safaris. You will be rewarded with the awesome sight of vast wilderness areas, unchanged from their past fame as Africa's greatest hunting lands. The variety and quality of wildlife is quite remarkable. You will hunt in varied terrain, open plains, savannah, sand, forests and swamp.

This rich and varied habitat, with relatively small human population, has enormous potential and is regaining its once proud reputation as primary safari destination. Hunting Mozambique should be on every African hunter’s list. Mozambique is famous for nyala, sable antelope, leopard, lion and big elephants.   In the north, the hunting is virtually indistinguishable from hunting in neighboring Tanzania.

Hunting season is from the 1st June to the 30th November.

Since 1990, Mozambique has been developing as a tourist mecca once again. The most popular areas for pre/post safari stops is the South Coast, particularly Maputo, formerly known as Lourenco Marques, and the islands of Inhaca, Benquerra and Bazaruto. You may also visit the island of Madagascar.

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