Driven Wild Boar hunt

CROATIA offers some of the world’s best driven wild boar hunts. Here it is not unusual for a group of 10 - 12 hunters to shoot 60 - 80 head of game on a three day driven hunt - of course depending on the whims of the weather and the shooting abilities of the individual hunters.

On most districts we operate in you can expect an average result of 2-3 head of game per hunter per day.  It is common to arrange three, in some areas up to five drives in a day. Duration is between 1,5 – 2 hours per each drive. Number of beaters depends of a terrain, but in general there are no less than 15 beaters in highlands areas and 20 – 25 in lowland forests. Hunting dogs, our faithful companions, are of great help in driven hunts. Number of dogs often exceeds the number of beaters in a hunt.

Usual program for a three days hunt is as follows:

1. Meet and greet, transfer to a 3* hotel or traditional hunting lodge, welcome dinner.
2.Transfer to hunting area (15 – 45 min drive), whole day hunt including a proper lunch in an area, parade, transfer to the hotel, dinner.
3,4Transfer to hunting area (15 – 45 min drive), whole day hunt including a proper lunch in an area, parade, transfer to the hotel, dinner.
Breakfast, transfer to the airport.


There are more than 70 000 Ha of hunting areas for driven wild boars in our operation, both partly fenced (never smaller than 1000Ha) or free range.  Every hunting day is arranged in another hunting area, so you will have a chance to hunt in different forestry and terrain types which will make yours hunt even more interesting. This also means fresh and restful dogs and beaters for each day. Most other countries only offer driven hunts where you shoot “following the price-list”; in Croatia we offer graded fixed price packages that include “keilers”..

There is a high demand for Croatian driven hunts, and if you wish to secure your group a place on a prime district we would advise you to book in plenty of time - preferably a year in advance.

Best period: November, December, January

No. of hunters: minimum 10; maximum 18

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