The land of wide open spaces

With each year that passes Namibia becomes a more and more popular hunting destination. Hunting districts are often enormous, the hunting is challenging and fair, trophy quality is top class and many sought after species are present in large numbers in Namibia, which helps to keep trophy fees relatively low. 

This enormous country is around 15 times the size of Croatia, put the population is only around two million. Here, in other words, is plenty of space for wildlife, and hunting is a natural part of everyday life in Namibia.

We work with a wide, well rounded range of hunt organisers here, who can offer hunting adventures for every taste and pocket. All of them arrange great hunting, and while some offer good accommodation and food, if you stay with one of the more luxurious outfitters what they provide is sublime.

Whether you are an experienced African hunter or just starting out on the path of rifle hunting is not important - Namibia is a great choice for all antelope hunters who demand good quality! Additionally most of our destinations here are also ideal for non-hunting guests if you wish to combine hunting and a family holiday.


Some say that Namibia is a land God made in anger, but to us its beauty, splendor and diversity make it the “smile on the face of Africa”. Namibia became independent on March 21, 1990.

After adopting a unique constitution, the country has been ruled by a democratically elected and politically stable government ever since. The physical infrastructure in Namibia is equivalent to first world countries and is maintained to a high standard. People are generally friendly and hospitable.

Omalanga Safaris

module-foto-namibia-mopane-Camp-307The word Omalanga is derived from the Ovambo Tribe's language and means "Impala". Impala stands for beauty, strength and swiftness, and is one of the most graceful antelopes on the...



ARU Game lodges

modul-foto-namibia-hunting-kalakwa-307Veronica and Kalakwa offer two different worlds in Africa and the lodges compliment each other in every way, so that when you leave you will be filled with a spectacular African safari...