Red Deer

Hunting season

Stag: 15. 08. – 15.01.  
Hind/calf:  01. 10. – 31.01.

Best period

Trophy Stag: 01. –  20.09. -  Rut time
Culling hunt: 01.10. – 31.01.

If you are keen red stag trophy hunter or you prefer culling hunting with more shooting activity, we have chosen the best of what Croatia can offer.

Tikveš, Breznica, Spačva and Papuk are some of the finest hunting areas with many years of experience in red deer management and can provide a quality hunting service and abundance of game.

Diversity of terrain, vegetation and a way of hunting can offer it all – lowland swamp forests on shores of mighty Danube river in Tikveš , hilly areas of Breznica around the town of Đakovo, biggest complex of oak forest in Europe in Spačva are perfect for combination of hunting from a high seat or walk and stalk or mountain Papuk were hunter should be ready for some „extra sweat“ on his forehead to harvest the wanted trophy. The choice is yours.

We take you on a hunt in a few exceptional hunting area:

Spačva - Slavonia

slavonija-spacva-1-307Hunting ground Spacva located within the largest continuous areas of forest in Europe, famous Slavonian oak and is an ideal habitat for deer...

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Tikveš - Baranja

tikves-zlatna-greda-1-307Hunting ground "Podunavlje - Podravlje" hunting ground in Baranja, one of the most important European hunting areas and jewel of Croatian...

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Breznica - Slavonia

kondric-lovacka-kuca-307Special offer is hunting wild boar with an exceptionally rich harvested animals Especially foreign guests appreciate this hunting ground...

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Papuk - Slavonia


22 000 ha hunting area is a western part of  the Papuk mountain.  Free range and part of the Nature Park Papuk, this is fantastic biotope for...

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