Roe Deer

Hunting season

Buck:                                01.05. – 30.09.
Doe/fawn:                         01.10. – 31.01.

Best period

Trophy buck                      01. – 15. 05.

1st of May known throughout the most of the world as Labour Day, but in „our “hunters world, it is long-awaited roe deer season opening day.

Our hunting areas are situated in Međimurje region in the northern part of Croatia, just an hour drive from Zagreb. There we have access to more than 20 000 ha of hunting areas. Another great hunting area is between towns of Bjelovar and Daruvar with total 

 of 15000 ha in our operation.

Terrain is a combination of lowland and rolling hills of farming plots dotted with meadows and forest patches. This is „heaven “for hunters who prefer walk and stalk way of hunting. There is number of high seats in all the areas, in order to make hunt easier and more successful for hunters not so fun about much stalking.

Accommodation in comfortable 3 * hotel will please every client. Traditional hunting lodges in some areas could be the choice for more relaxed hunting parties.


Međimurje hunting areas

MEDJIMURJE-HOTEL-KRALJ-1-307Hunting in Medjimurje has a long tradition. From big game hunting in hunting grounds the most common is Roe deer .....


Bjelovar hunting areas


In the natural environment Bilogore forested mountains in the heart of hunting area "Pisanička bilogora" located Hunting Lodge Babinac ......